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To develop and manage a best applications and websites, you no longer need to spend thousands of dollars. Instead, you can make use of the affordable options offered by KualitySoft software testing. Standards for quality assurance including(Functional Testing, Software Testing)  must be in place in order to offer high-quality products consistently. KualitySoft follow strict guidelines to bring light hidden defects that could compromise user experience, ruin site functioning, and trigger many difficulties throughout the website. Additionally, Functional testing and software testing can stop a poorly functioning website, protecting your company's reputation as well as time and money.

As an Independent Software Testing & QA Services Partner Company providing QA testing services for any software product. If your software works on the Web, Mobile, or a handheld device, We can test it.

Doing Business with us is Easy. We measure up to your expectations. We design, develop and deploy end-to-end solutions for startups to enterprises Our Services Are Scalable, So We Can Address The Needs Of Businesses Of All Sizes. Companies Ranging From Innovative Startups To Well Established Companies Make Use Of Our Technical Expertise.

Every Company says that they Satisfy their Clients. We actually do!
We offer a vast variety of software testing services by the most popular software testing methodology to Functional Test the flow of an application. We help in application testing from beginning to end through testing tools. This methodology mainly facilitates testing bemefits simulating real user scenarios and validating systems for data integrity.

Our experience and expertise in the most advanced testing tools and technologies allow us to provide top-notch software testing services and create solutions for complex problems to enhance your software quality.
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KualitySoft has well-designed software testing processes which can test large-scale systems, applications, and other software products. So the test reports driven through are efficient and trusted for our clients.

Our Dedicated QA team and efficient functional testing process give us the ability to evaluate functionality, Identify Bugs/Defects and Identify gaps between existing and expected conditions, to define the actual performance of your software.
Dedicated QA TEAM
KualitySoft dedicated QA teams give you experts who work exclusively on your project, are fully focused and have full control over the projects until rollout. As and When required our Dedicated QA / test engineers take part in regular stand-ups and demonstrations etc.

Domains of experties
KualitySoft has tons of information and retains the experience of working with a large number of domains which gives us the capability to analyze every aspect of a particular domain and perform our work for the high-level satisfaction of our client.

Our On-Demand QA testing services for test design and test execution will allow you to schedule our resources whenever you need to.

We can evaluate your processes of communication, testing, and accountability for efficiency and effectiveness to enhance, and optimize.

With Real Mobile devices and browser/OS combinations, we can certify all your products for worldwide use
We can execute test cases overnight without a need for automation scripts whenever you need us
Industries we serve
Are you seeking for a company that offers independent software testing services to help you increase the quality of your IT applications? Are you still unsure of how to raise the quality and effectiveness of your IT application despite conducting functional testing for testing solutions?

Being located in Europe and Asia. KualitySoft retains the experience of working with a wide range of industries across the globe over a long time. We do not just develop but provide digital solutions to clients across all industries. We analyze key requirements of the industry and goals of the organization. We serve and put our best practices and team to address them and come up with a vital solution for our clients.

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